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We chose the profession as education consultants because we recall our own journey thru the educational and vocational maze. Times have changed, more tools are available. It’s time to take control of your path, knowing that you have truly explored all options. Options include trade schools, community colleges, professional certifications as well as degrees from traditional universities. Enter the Strong Interest Inventory self assessment tool. Education consultants and career development specialists administer it to clients as a way to measure their interests (their likes and dislikes) and ultimately help them coose a college major and/or a career path. Developed by E.K. Strong, a psychologist, in the early twentieth century, however, it too has evolved with the times.

The Strong Interest Inventory was the very first tool that could measure people's interests and apply these findings to help secure a more satisfying educational and professional journey. Why would we want to know what people's interests are? It has been discovered some people are happier with their education and career choices when they are associated with others with interests in common.

Choosing an education or career path, especially if you have no idea what you want to do, may require the services of a education consultant and career plan professional. This is exactly who we are, and we bring with us over 20 years of knowledge and experience. We help you learn about yourself and show you how to use that information to find a suitable