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When on vacation I don't want to cook, clean, plan or be a Mom Taxi. I want to sit down and enjoy a meal with my hubby, my children and those closest to me. I want to take time to hear what is going on in their lives. I want my daughter to tell me her secrets, my son to tell me his favorite Pokémon card and my hubby to look me in the eyes and say "so glad we got to do this." I know I am not alone. The words might be different or the people may change but we all want to step back and say "Here I am."

I want to help curate travel plans where the only thing my clients need to do is show up. I will take care of the details. We will work together to find the best time for you to travel, the perfect location, the resort that meets all your needs and the activities that allow you to do as much or little as YOU want. Just like all of us are different so are our travel needs.


The goal of every vacation is to Relax, Recharge and Reconnect
Hi!  My name is Shannon and I am your local travel agent.
Training with some of my favorite suppliers.
A super Specialty Dining experience on Celebrity Cruises.
Being goofy on our Alaskan cruise on Princess.
My kiddos living their best life as we check in for our Mexico Vacation!
Disney isn't just for kids!