Empowered Existence Speaking

About Us

Combining intuition and clear logic makes for a powerful combination. Kim Wells takes that unique combination and adds plenty of heart to encourage women as the owner of Empowered Existence Speaking.

Her diverse background that includes over 3 decades as an IT professional allows her to problem solve and help, whether its a computer issue or that sense of overwhelm that stops you in your tracks. Her goal is always to help you chart a path to your own solution.
She's been called an expert entertainer, a martial artist, a tech geek, a student of the universe and (one of her favorites!) Granny Kim.

While the latest trends or fashion flashes regularly escape her notice, people never do. Encouraging their special talents and opening great discussions are what makes her light up. Kim says we are all connected. Reach out for that connection! I'd love to help.?


Kim C. Wells