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Two Locations: 24109 W Lockport Plainfield
24402 W Lockport St

Hello and welcome to my shop! I appreciate you visiting my website. I offer a variety of women's clothing, accessories and shoes. I am a small home based business offering all lovely goodies right here on the web! You can shop with me in store, shop my denim here OR join my group J.Joho Boutique Inc. on Facebook where you will receive exclusive access to all pre-order goodies!
I have recently designed my own Denim line - J. Joho Jeans! They are made here in the USA and manufactured in LA. I have designed a comfortable yet trendy jean for all shapes and sizes. They will come in 3 different washes- light, medium and dark. What is unique about these jeans is it is not common to go from manufacturer to shelf, but I wanted to create something special for my boutique!
Six years ago, March 25 2013, is the anniversary of my mother, my best friends passing. She passed from a devastating cancer at the young age of 52 years old. When she passed I struggled with so much anxiety, one day I woke up and I turned my negative anxiety into something positive. That's when my journey of owning my own boutique came into play, however I wanted something special just for her, so I set out to create this denim line. You will notice on my brand name there is a butterfly sitting on my ''J''- this is for my mother. Every tag reads ''wear these Jean's with a smile, may you carry a piece of my angel with you'' This truly is a work of love and much passion. It is my creative way of sharing her with the world, and the inner strength she gave